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Darkfield Mircoscopy Test - By Dr Debbie
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Darkfield microscopy is a tool used to analyze a patient’s blood, allowing a more detailed picture of their overall terrain.  Important information is gleamed on the following:

  • immune system health
  • nutritional health
  • excretory and detoxification capacity
  • oxygen utilization
  • propensity towards degenerative tendencies

All it takes is a small drop of blood.  We project the image onto a large screen so you have the opportunity to see for yourself what your cells are doing.  Anyone with chronic disease, prone to recurrent infections, interested in optimal health and disease prevention, or with questions concerning toxicity can benefit from an analysis.  I consider this one of the most important tests at the clinic.  From here we can see what direction nutritionally we need to follow, as well as if the treatment is working for you.

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